Our specialists
are at your disposal

Define your request and we will provide you with properties in your range of prices.
We team up with experts that are available anytime during the purchasing process.

Ils sont disponibles à nos côtés à tout moment du processus d’investissement

Once you’ve made up your mind

We connect you with our notary

The notary

Once the property you’ve picked had been reserved, we help you prepare all the paperwork and advise you until the signature of the deed of purchase at the notary’s office.

We help with the financial transactions when needed and prepare the bilingual documents both for your bank and the bank of the seller promoter.

Finally, the deed of purchase is signed at the notary’s.

Our lawyer will assist you

A lawyer specialized in international law and heritage

Your real-estate investment can give you residential rights on the chosen territory.

Our lawyers will be able to help you acquire a Golden Visa or a residence title for your family and yourself, allowing you to travel and stay freely in Europe.

They will also accompany you with your changes in physical and tax residence.

Document de résidence et circulation

Once your purchase is made and your resident documents are in the works

We will bring our tax lawyer to the table

The tax lawyer

When investing for the first time, it is common to neglect taxation, as most people are not very familiar with it. This is obviously a very big mistake.

Our tax lawyers are here to assist and guide you about the legal practices required when investing, in any country you choose.

They will advise you on the legal, administrative, financial and taxation matters